I first became interested in homeopathy in the late seventies when, in my teens, I contracted hepatitis and failed to respond to conventional treatment. Fortunately I was recommended a homeopath who had me completely well in weeks.

The seed had been sown.

Later the same homeopath saved my eldest sons life when, at the age of 3 months, he suffered an extreme reaction to his first vaccinations.

My first experience in medicine was working in the pathology labs at St Cross Hospital, Rugby. Sadly, I quickly became disillusioned with certain aspects of conventional practise, in particular, the side effects of the drugs used and the iatrogenic diseases (caused by treatment) often created. This brought me back to homeopathy as the beauty of homeopathic remedies is that there are no side effects.

I studied at the School of Homeopathy, Devon, qualified after 4yrs and began to practise in 1992, registering with the Society of Homeopaths a year later.

As well as my practise I continue to work in the field of supervision, mentoring, education and research.

Over the last twenty years I have also been developing what has been a lifelong interest in the nature of light and its effects on the human system; by creating and proving (testing) a new set of remedies made from the visible spectrum of light. There are eight in all, the seven separate colours, and spectrum as a whole. The first book, the Proving of Spectrum is available here.

I have found these profoundly useful in my practise, especially for those who are stuck with conditions that seem incurable, or those who are in crisis at a crossroads in their lives ; who need to be supported often through life changing realisations about themselves, the way they live their lives, their crippling behavioural patterns, limiting beliefs and so on.

Here my knowledge as a Homeopath and Life Counsellor merge as I try to help people find positive solutions to what appears to be, to them, seemingly overwhelming problems.

As a registered practitioner I am committed to regular supervision for myself and my practise both on a one to one basis and with a peer supervision group and I’m regularly updated through continuing professional development within my profession.

I look forward to a time when all practitioners of medicine, orthodox and alternative will work together combining and sharing their extensive skills to create a healthier and more holistic health service.